This Sunday, November 9th, Alexandros Galazios will run, again this year, on the classic Marathon to support the stray animals of our Group. 
This year's goal is more specific; to gather donations in order to cover the expenses of the specialized ophthalmologic surgery for our dog Danai that has a dermoid cyst in one of her eyes (she has developed something resembling a set of eyelashes into the eye). 
The cost of the ophthalmologic surgery, according to the vet, will be approx. 700€. This is a very expensive surgery and it is very hard for an animal welfare group consisted only of volunteers that take care of another 145 dogs and 45 cats, to gather the amount.
Anyone who would like to help cover the cost of her surgery, and support Alexandros' effort, can make a donation in our bank account or via Paypal.

Our bank Account info is:
Name: Karathanassi Kyriaki
IBAN: GR6801107200000072065215922
Account: 720/ 652159-22
Bank Name: National Bank of Greece
Bank Address:Stadiou 38, Athens, Greece

& Paypal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We want to thank in advance all those who will stand beside us in yet another difficult case we have to face!

We wish Alexandros good luck!

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