Before searching for your new best friend, you will want to assess your personal situation and speak to your entire family. If you are not clear on the requirements of a specific type of pet Mrs Kiki Karathanassi, the president of the FOA, or one of our Senior Volunteers will be happy to assist you in making an informed decision. Mrs Kiki, will be more than happy to make an appointment to meet you at the Shelter during the daylight hours Monday to Sunday. Remember all adoptions are legal to those over 18 years of age.You will be encouraged to take the dog for a small walk around the shelter and do not hesitate to return with your family members if you are unsure of the decision you're making.

Remember, a long-term commitment is more easily made with the support of everyone involved.If you have another pet you would like to introduce to your potential new friend, you may bring him/her to the shelter to assess compatibility. Please inform Kiki first that you would like to do this before bringing your dog in. Dogs must be on a leash and we will assist you in the introduction.

Once you have decided to adopt Mrs Kiki will ask you some questions and have you fill in an adoption questionnaire in order to guide you on how to best plan for your new pet and to complete the adoption papers. You also have to give us your full name, address and phone number so we can register your info to the pet's micro chip before you adopt him.Some animals will be able to go home right away, others may need to stay with us a little longer before they are ready or are done with their treatments or sterilization. Very tiny kittens and puppies must vaccinated before they can go home.