AGE: approx. 7 years old
WEIGHT: approx. 30 kilos

CHARACTER: Cautious with new people and animals, calm and obedient to those who she knows 

MICROCHIP NO: 981000004586771

HEALTH: Vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.

Elsa was a stray dog living at a gas station in Nea Filadelfeia but because of her attitude, as she was protecting her area, the owners reacted to her presence and she had to be removed from there. She is an animal that had experienced many hardships and it is evident in her behavior that she has been abused by people and does not trust easily.

At first, when we took her in, she showed aggressive behavior towards people she didn't know and could not understand their intentions and so, after hersterilization, she spent a year in isolation and with the help of a Dog Trainer, we made an effort to calm her down and make her begin trusting people. 
Although keeping her in isolation brought the desired results in this field, Elsa is now a dog that has lost her appetite for life, her energy and physical strength.
With the people she trusts, she is very well-mannered and obedient, knows basic commands and is very calm when walking her.

She likes cuddles and when she runs free, she does not leave the side of the volunteer she is with and she seems to be really pleased.

With most dogs she does not seem to react, she doesn't get along with certain dogs, regardless of gender.

She does not like cats.
We put Elsa up for adoption believing that there is someone out there who is willing to help such an unfortunate creature, with the help of a dog trainer, in order to make her trust again and regain her will to live. 

She will be given with adoption contract, vaccination book and micro chipped.
Tel for adoption: 694 4949741

video https://www.facebook.com/martha.gio1/videos/vb.1318011475/10204898427163277/?type=3&theater


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