DATE OF BIRTH (estimation): 2015
HEALTH: Healthy, vaccinated, microchipped. He will be given neutered. 

Microchip No.900111881095814


Captain was found, a while ago, abandoned by his former owners and we truly believe that this was the most difficult day of his life :(
Stressed, confused, he reacted to anyone who tried to approach him. 

We managed to catch him the next day and he has been at the shelter ever since! 

It took him just a few days to overcome the stress of his abandonment, calm down and feel comfortable with the volunteers. 
His blood tests showed us that he is absolutely healthy, so we are now very happy to tell you that Captain is available for adoption! <3

Captain is very people-oriented, gets along great with everyone he meets, although he seems to feel more comfortable around women. 
He is very cooperative, knows basic commands and we believe he would do anything for those he loves! <3

He knows how to walk calmly on the leash, but of course, merely due to his size, he needs a person physically capable to manage such a large dog. 

Captain would like to be the only pet in his new home! :D

This wonderful dog went through an ordeal but managed to come out of it stronger. He enjoys his days at the shelter but of course he wants to find the one that will love him forever!

If you believe that you are this person, he will be waiting to meet you! ? 


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