DATE OF BIRTH (estimation): 2014-2015

HEALTH: Healthy, vaccinated. He will be given microchipped and neutered.



Miguel had been found a while ago on the streets and although we tried to find his owner, it seemed that nobody was looking for him :(

He is a gorgeous, young dog that is looking for a dog-savvy person who will understand, accept and love him for his character and not just because of his small size! 

Miguel is people-oriented and bonds quickly with those taking care of him but he does not like to be petted. 

He is looking for the person that understands that not all dogs like being petted and touched affectionately.
Some dogs are just not overly affectionate; it is part of who they are as individuals, but they get interaction from you in other ways, by hanging out with you, going on walks, playing together! 

Also, that is to say that Miguel is not suitable for families with young children or other pets. 

Miguel, like every dog, deserves having his own family and not to spend his days in the shelter. 

If you believe you are the right person for our Miguel, come and meet him! 

He will be given with adoption contract, vaccination book and micro chipped.

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