If you wish to help one of our shelter dogs but you cannot adopt one of them for your own reasons, then you can be a virtual parent.Choose the dog you want to virtually adopt ,send us name of the dog, your name and the way you want to pay monthly to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send message to our facebook page and we will contact with you as soon as possible.

The current monthly virtual adoption fee is 25e.Shelter statistics show that it costs an average of 100e/month to provide care for a stray dog in our shelter (vet care, surgery, medicine, monthly de-worming and de-fleeing, food, collars, bedding, cost of cleaning etc).You can pay in any way you wish, either cash, bank deposit or through PayPal (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

If at some point for your own reasons cannot continue with the monthly payment please let us know so that we give the dog to another virtual parent and when you feel ready and you can continue with another dog that will be available for virtual adoption.


1. Virtual Adoption is only for strays ALREADY in our Shelter. You are not welcome to use the shelter as a boarding facilities - for us to look after your dog or strays from your municipality for 25e/month. There are many kennels and pensions in Greece. Visit our website to see some of them

2. You do not have to be in Nea Filadelphia, Athens, or even in Greece to Virtually Adopt a Shelter Stray. We have Virtual Parents from literally every place in the World!

3. If the dog you are Virtually Adopting is actually adopted, you may choose another dog and transfer your love on to this one.

4. Even though there are only a few of us coordinating the whole shelter and our work is 100% volunteer, we will try to send you updates, photos, movie of your Virtually Adopted dog when possible.

Thank you for helping us keep up our work with the strays!