Friends of Animals of Nea Filadelphia is 100% based on volunteer work and the costs are covered only by donations.

We DO NOT receive grants from the Municipality and we must cover daily the costs of food, medication for the dozens of strays that are temporarily taken care at the shelter and of course the vets.

The most urgent needs  (for the moment) of our shelter are:

1. Anti fleas sprays, collars and liquid (Frontline, Advantix) for all size dogs (URGENT NEED)

2. Anti-worm pills for Dogs and Cats of all ages(Drontal Plus, Banmith)

3. Bowls for Food and Water (Preferably metal ones) of all sizes.

4. Dog leashes ,harnesses and collars of all sizes

5. Strong and long chains.

6. Anti fleas shampoos for dogs

7. Various Medicins (URGENT NEED OF Zylapour, Vibramycin, Augmentin 625mg & 1000mg) Milteforan, Rimadyl, Baytril, Clindavet, Medrol, Dalacin, Oxyvet spray, Betadine, Fucidin, Fucicort, Tobradex, Tobrex, Pulvo, Sebacil.

For any donation please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 694-4949-741

Thank you in advance!