Our shelter is open to senior volunteers from Monday to Sunday from 5.00pm - 8.00pm, weather permitted.(That will change depending on daylight)

If you want to visit us for the first time you need to seek the assistance of our volunteer in charge who will inform you about the safety rules of the shelter and will provide an application form to be filled in

We would like to make clear that when you visit our shelter and there are kids under the age of 15, that they should be watched by their parents the whole time of their presence in our shelter.

What can you offer as a volunteer to our charity?

1. To be responsible for feeding , cleaning and looking after the animals of the shelter

2. You can help transferring dogs to the vets we co-operate (if you own a car)

3. You can gather donations (houses, bags of food, several objects we sell at bazaars etc) from several parts of Athens (if you own a car)

4. You can foster kittens or injured dogs as long as it's needed (Food, medication is provided by us)

5. You can Virtually Adopt one of the available dogs (send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more)

6. You can put donation boxes in several shops and help us gather money for the dogs. And of course you can help us at our bazaars as a sales person.We make clear that the dogs that we take care at the shelter are ONLY from the Municipality of Filadelfeia-Halkidona.

OUR JOB IS 100% VOLUNTEER. We don't receive any funds and we have no extra space or paid employess to take care of dogs from other Municipalities, since we are ALL Volunteers.