Talos, as we called him, seems to have been a house pet and once he must have been a majestic giant (even now that he is totally emaciated, his weight is 31 kilos!) 
According to the vet, most of his wounds are decubitus ulces and he believes that the dog lived immobilized, probably chained, for a long time.
And as if his chronic abuse wasn't enough, his "owner" or the "good Samaritan" that left him, abandoned him in the most difficult time of his life, the moment he has to fight for it.



Talos is very weak, but started slowly to eat and we are starting to hope. The tests results for leishmaniasis / ehrlichiosis came out yesterday and he is positive for leishmaniasis (title 1/800). He must start treatment with Milteforan and based on his weight (even emaciated, he weighs 31 kilos!)



Talos... he has a long way to go but we will make it! Especially with our volunteers' love and care



Talos’ wounds are starting to heal… both physical and mental!

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Look who gained some weight...

02 07 2014


Because Humans exist…
Talos’ story yesterday turned into a fairytale…
Alexandros had adopted Oliver last year from us, a dog in a bad condition with severe health issues, and offered him a home for the least months of his life, until he passed away a while ago. 
Yesterday, he gave a chance in life to Talos that was found in May in a bad condition because of starvation and leishmaniasis, with deep wounds on his body. 
Talos was adopted!!!

talos 2